Display resolution

Last updated 4 months ago

CatVision.io tries to automatically choose optimal screen resolution of a remote display in order to provide optimal experience and also save network bandwidth which is also very important for a fluent experience of the remote operator.

The image of a captured screen is typically downscaled by 2x or 4x because modern smartphones are using subpixel resolutions with very high DPIs. However, CatVision.io SDK can be configured to use other downscale value, including 1 or even <1. It is highly recommended for performance reasons to choose integer values of downscale factor.


CatVision.io for Android uses DisplayMetrics.densityDpi to determine a downscale factor of the remote display.

The screen density (densityDpi)

Downscale factor

< 280


< 400


≥ 400


Read more about Android DPI ranges.


CatVision.io for iOS uses UIScreen scale property directly as a downscale factor.